Tattoo Removal Services North Little Rock, AR

Tattoo Removal Technology That’s Light Years Ahead!

We all change our minds. The tattoo you loved just a few years ago may no longer reflect who you are today. In the past, there wasn’t much you could do about it – or what you could do about it was long, drawn out, costly, and painful. But thanks to technology, tattoo removal is a lot faster, easier, and less painful than it used to be.

Our technology can now remove blue, green and purple coloring from tattoos.


At Arkansas Laser & Skin Care, we use the most advanced laser technology in the world to remove tattoos faster, more efficiently, and with less pain than previous methods – the enlighten 3™ laser.

enlighten 3™ powers through unwanted tattoos using the world’s first dual wavelength laser technology. Using both nanosecond and picosecond technology to send ultra-short intense pulses of light to your skin, enlighten 3™ removes tattoos quickly and effectively.  Nanosecond technology is extremely fast, with light traveling at one billionth of a second.  Picosecond technology is even faster, with light pulses traveling at one trillionth of a second.


Through your course of treatments (the number depends on several different factors), the laser light breaks up the ink into tiny particles that are absorbed by your body, then eliminated through your body’s natural processes. The enlighten 3™ laser is so fast and efficient that your tattoo could be eliminated in up to 40 percent fewer treatment sessions than other tattoo removal methods.

The reason we offer both picosecond and nanosecond technology is to give patients the option to choose the pulse speed they prefer. Generally speaking, we recommend the picosecond setting for dark ink tones and dense designs. If you have a light or shaded tattoo, using nanosecond is usually sufficient. No other device currently exists that allows tattoo removal practitioners and patients to choose pulse speed based on individual factors. Skin types from extremely light to extremely dark can all benefit from the enlighten 3™ laser.