IV Drip Therapy in North Little Rock, AR

IV therapy, also known as vitamin infusion, involves inserting an IV line into your arm to administer a high concentration of liquid vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals. Each session can take anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour. A healthcare professional will mix the solution to be injected according to your doctor’s instructions. They will then insert the IV needle and monitor the infusion through its duration.

IV Drip Therapy Information


A higher absorption rate. When you take vitamins orally, your body has to metabolize them as they go through your digestive system. Since infusion therapy is injected directly into your bloodstream, your body absorbs a higher percentage of the nutrients.

Dosage scan be personalized. When you take vitamins via pill or food, you consume whatever amount is already included in the item you’re taking. On the other hand, when you receive vitamin infusion therapy, your healthcare professional will take into account many factors. This includes your age, genetics, existing medical conditions, metabolism, and anything else that may be relevant in order to maximize the benefits.

IV Drip Therapy

It keeps you hydrated. Patients with moderate to severe dehydration can benefit from hydration IV therapy. However, there are several vitamins that also aid in hydration. This includes vitamins A, C, and E. While there are over the counter vitamins that contain these nutrients, some medical conditions prevent your body from fully absorbing them. Infusion therapy ensures a much higher success rate of nutrition absorption.

Each of our IV therapy drips have been expertly formulated to improve your energy, enhance your mood, and help prevent diseases.

Below we describe the effects and formulas of our increasingly popular, highly effective IV drips. While our drips are not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise, they can augment a healthy lifestyle as well as deliver higher doses of nutrients than can be obtained through the oral route.


All the fixin’s

This drip has just about everything you could need. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and a mineral blend, it can treat all the necessities. Whether you’re focused on your skin, immune system, an energy boost, hydration, etc. this has got you covered! If your are curious about what’s all offered in this drip, our nurses will be more than happy to educate you!

IM Injections

Lipo-Mino acid (Fat burning injection)

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of natural ingredients that play important in the body’s use of fat. These compounds enhance liver and gallbladder role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal. It enhances your current weight loss efforts along with following healthy diet plan, staying well hydrated and exercising regularly. Injections are ideally once every week, but a plan will be determined with your nurse at your consultation.


Powerful antioxidant made of amino acids. Combined together, amino acids make up proteins within the body. Glutathione has many functions such as supporting the immune function, fighting free radicals, and can even prevent numerous diseases such as lung disease, liver disease, heart disease, etc.

What should I expect after my IV drip therapy treatment?

Once you have had your IV drip therapy in our comfortable setting, you can go about your day as you would otherwise. There are no limitations to your activities after getting your treatment. Exercise, eat, meditate, rest, and do other activities to enhance your wellness. Whether this is your first drip or you come in regularly, you can expect to feel great when your session is complete!

Before your treatment, our physician or nurse specialist will consult with you to make sure you’re the right candidate for an IV Nutrition treatment, and help you select the most beneficial treatment based on your needs.

Am I a candidate for IV drip therapy treatment?

Our IV nutrient boosters are suitable for most clients who are in good general health. You will be asked to complete a general medical questionnaire to determine if you have any contraindications to receiving this service. Clients with a history of heart or kidney disease should discuss IV nutrient therapy with their primary care provider prior to booking an appointment. We do not claim to diagnose or cure illness.

Prior to your treatment, our specialist will consult with you to make sure you’re the right candidate, and help you select the most beneficial option based on your needs. Book Your Consult. Please call (501)-771-0445